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Networking > Routers > PROLINK
Prolink MH8221 Multi-Homing Router 2 WAN Port Inbound Broadband Load Balancer
ID Prod : 7555

Garansi : 1 tahun
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MH8021/MH8041 is a WAN load balance and failover router, also called multi-homing SOHO gateway. It provides 2 or 4 WAN port for ADSL or cable modem, can enjoy traffic load sharing & load balance of multiple ADSL/Cable link, in order to avoid single link failure risk.

Features and benefits

Uplink Ethernet Port(WAN Port) - 4*10M/100M port (MH8041)- 2*10M/100M port (MH8021) auto-sensing and auto MDI/MDIX
Downlink Ethernet Port (LAN port) - 1 *10 M/100 M auto-sensing and auto MDI/MDIX
CPU ( Brecis ) - MIPS 4Km 150MHz
Memory - Flash : 2M bytes- SDRAM : 16M bytes
Configuration - Web based configuration for system
Firmware upgrade - Upgraded by Ethernet or FTP server - Upgrade firmware in FTP site or your computer via Web management.- Use TFTP server running in PC to upgrade.
Protocol Support - TCP/IP,UDP- ARP,BOOTP- ICMP- Routing Protocol- DHCP server/client- FTP,TFTP- Telnet- PPPoE
Working mode - Router mode. fix ip. dynamic ip- Gateway mode. fix ip. dynamic ip . PPPoE- Basic NAT mode. fix ip. dynamic ip . PPPoE - work as router with 5 different LAN (MH8041) or 3 different LAN (MH8021)- all functions enable- all function except.IP packet filtering.DoS defense
Security - DMZ Host- Multi NAT/NAPT- PAP/CHAP- Virtual Server Mapping support- Internet Access Controlpacket filtering base on . Port. Address Support - Net-meeting- Messenger- Real Audio- Cu-See-Me.
VPN support -VPN pass-through support L2TP and IP Sec
Load Balance Support - Session mode- Weight round robin mode- Traffic mode
Routing support - Static Route - RIP I- RIP II
MAC address clone - Support 4 WAN port (MH8041)- Support 2 WAN port (MH8021)
Firewall - Defense attacks include DoS(Denial of Service) with active ports scan,- TCP SYNC flood- ICMP flood- IP source route opion detection- IP spoofing- Ping of death- IP fragment overlap- UDP flooding- PING oversize
Other Function - Dynamic DNS support- SNTP support- E-MAIL alert- System Log
LED Indicator - LAN- WAN1- WAN2- WAN3- WAN4
Power port - Full Range switching power Input 110V ~ 220 AC adapter- Output 5V/2.8A External Power Adapter
Temperature - 0 ~ 40 C (operation)- -10 ~ 60 C (storage)
Humidity - 10 ~ 95% RH
ESD - +- 4 KV
Certifications - CE /FCC

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